Page 1: Introduction

Title of Project: An investigation into UK registered and student veterinary nurses’ mental health

This study seeks to advance understanding of mental health and wellbeing among registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) and student veterinary nurses (SVNs) in the UK. Although much research has examined mental health and wellbeing in veterinary surgeons and veterinary students, far less has focused on RVNs and SVNs. This is a very important gap to address, as RVNs and SVNs also face many challenges and dilemmas in their work that can go unrecognised and unaddressed.

All RVNs and SVNs in the UK are eligible to complete this anonymous online questionnaire. It will take approximately 20–25 minutes, given the importance of the topic and the need to examine it in sufficient depth and breadth. You can choose to pause at any point in the questionnaire, by clicking on the 'Finish later' link at the bottom of every page, if you don’t have time to complete it in one go.

More detailed information about the study, including details of how to request withdrawal of your data following submission if you change your mind, how to enter a prize draw for Amazon vouchers, and how to volunteer for a subsequent interview study, will appear on the next page. You can then enter the questionnaire by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.